Council Members

Executive Board

M. Batuhan Demir

Executive Board President

M. Batuhan Demir, born in Alanya in 1994, is a student at the Faculty of Engineering. Demir, a graduate of Alanya Hasan Çolak Anadolu Lisesi, was an Honor Council representative in high school. He was the social events commission coordinator for one year, an Executive Board Member for one year, and the coordinator of TEDUFest and Minifest events at TEDU Founding Student Council. Batuhan Demir, who was the founding executive board president of TEDU Entrepreneurship and Management Society for two years, is also a member of TOBB Ankara Young Entrepreneurs Council. Demir, who also organized the Make Money to Survive event at our university, was chosen to Student Council Office with the election held on..., and was appointed TEDU Student Council President by unanimous vote in the first General Board. His interests include team sports, hunting and nature sports.

Batuhan Önder

Executive Board Vice President

Batuhan Önder, born in Ankara on March 4, 1994, studied at Gülen Muharrem Pakoğlu Primary School in Emek in first and second grades, and then joined TED family in third grade. Önder is still a member of the same family. Önder was a member of the karate team at TED Ankara College and won 3 gold and 1 bronze medal. He also ranked 7th in Turkey. After high school, he continued his interest in sports with tennis. Batuhan Önder, who has been interested in music since middle school, is also an amateur photographer. Önder, who also served as Vice President in TEDU Founding Student Council, assumed responsibility as Vice President of the MUN Society for some time. He is a third year student at our Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department. Batuhan Önder, elected to the Student Council in the elections held on ...., serves as TEDU University Student Council Vice President.

Ali Kocamaz

Executive Board Vice President

Ali Kocamaz, born in Tokat in 1993, graduated from TED Mersin College. He is furthering his education at The Faculty of Architecture at TED University. Kocamaz, a Turkish Education Association Executive Board Associate member and full scholarship recipient, started acting as TEDU Student Council Vice President in 2014. He has also served as TEDU Architecture and Design Society President, and TEDU Entrepreneurship and Management Society Founding Vice President. He has participated in many theatrical plays, social responsibility projects, poem recitals and innovation projects. Kocaman worked as a student publicity officer in the University’s promotional events. He participated in many organizations as a presenter such as the TED Republic Ball and was the coordinator of many organizations. Some of his interests include basketball, table tennis, swimming, literature, and philosophy.

Melissa Müslim

Executive Board Secretary General

Melissa Müslim, born in Karadeniz Ereğli in 1995, completed her primary and secondary education at Ereğli Ted College. She started playing the violin in 4th grade and continued her training throughout high school. She was also a member of the school orchestra until 8th grade. She continued her dance education in high school and during that time was interested in folk dancing, free style and Latin dances. She actively participated in MUN, Bridge and Dance Societies. She took part in several national and international events. In addition to the organization of spring festivals, she has actively participated in social responsibility projects. As of 2014, having completed her first year of education at TED University Engineering Program, Müslim is continuing her education at the Department of Industrial Engineering. She currently serves as the Student Council Executive Board Secretary General. Among her interests are playing the violin, dancing, and wind surfing.

Selin Koku

Executive Board Member

Selin Koku, born on June 3, 1995, is a graduate of Özbuğday High School. Koku received project software training in Romania in February, 2011 as part of the European Union Project 'Is it a matter of talent?’ In the summer of the same year, Koku went to Poland as part of the 'Funartistic' project. Selen Koku, who continues to participate in many social responsibility projects, was admitted into TED University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture in 2013. She acted as Executive Board member of TEDU Logos Society and actively participated in bringing the “Living Library” project to life. Following the General Board held after the Student Council elections, she was elected as a TEDU Student Council Executive Board member.

Cem Nacioglu

Associate Executive Board Member

Cem Nacioğlu, who was born in 1992 in Ankara, is currently pursuing his education at TED University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Nacioğlu, a graduate of Sokullu Mehmet Paşa High School, attended Saint Mary's University in Canada for a short while after graduating high school. He started serving as TED University Student Council Faculty representative in 2014. Nacioğlu, who is the founder of TED University American Football Society, is also interested in swimming. He is an associate executive board member.

Batuhan Gülten

Associate Executive Board Member

Batuhan Gülten, who was born in 1994 in Ankara, graduated from Mehmet Emin Resulzade Anatolian High School in 2012. He is currently in his second year at TED University Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Gülten, who is an associate executive board member at TED University Student Council, is also the representative for the Faculty of Engineering.



Supervisory Board

Zeynep Artukoğlu

Supervisory Board President

Zeynep Artukoğlu was born on January 16, 1994 in Adana. She completed her primary and secondary education at Konyaaltı Müzeyyen Çelebioğlu Private Primary School in Antalya. Artukoğlu, who graduated from Antalya Adem Tolunay Anatolian High School, was admitted into TED University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences with full scholarship. Artukoğlu, who previously served as the supervisory board president of the Entrepreneurship and Management Society, is currently serving as TED University Student Council Supervisory Board President.

İnci Oya Kuzugüdenli

Supervisory Board Member

İnci Oya Kuzugüdenli was born in New York in 1994. She completed her primary and secondary education at TED Kayseri College. During her education, by participating in many national and international projects and summits such as Comenius, EYP, and GYS, she represented her school and our country. Since 2013, she has been continuing her education at TED University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Her duties in TEDU Student Council include being supervisory board member and Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences representative. Her interests include social sciences, skiing and painting.

Şafak Atay

Supervisory Board Member

Şafak Atay, born in 1994 in Hatay, completed her high school education at Adana Mehmet Özöncel Anatolian High School. She has been continuing her education at TED University Faculty of Education since 2012. She is the founding president and executive board president of EduAction Society. She started duty as TEDU Student Council Supervisory Board Member and Faculty of Education representative in 2014. She is currently a chorist in TRT Ankara ÇSM Youth Choir, and Ankara University Turkish Classical Music choir. Her interests include music, theater, psychology, poetry and literature.



Media Commission

H. Sedes Arıkan

Media Officer

H. Sedes Arıkan, born in Ankara in 1993, is a student at TED University Faculty of Engineering. Arıkan, who is a graduate of Başkent University Private Ayşeabla Science High School, has participated in TÜBİTAK Biology Olympiad Camps throughout her education. In addition to a number of awards she received at the science projects organized at her school, she has also actively participated in a number of welfare projects. She is the founding president of the Radio and Communication Society which was founded in 2012. She is the director of Radio TEDU, which was established by the Society, and started its test broadcast in 2014. She has organized many events and workshops under the name of Radio TEDU. Arıkan has a number of certificates from trainings she received in broadcasting and diction. She is interested in playing the clarinet, examining the history and culture of different societies, following musical and visual arts events, attending cooking classes, mosaics and painting.



Social Events Commission

Kumsal Atan

Social Events Commission Member

Born in 1993, Kumsal Atan completed her primary and secondary education at Çankaya Primary School, 4 years of her high school education, including English preparatory school, at Private Yüce College and her last year of high school at Private Nesibe Aydın College. Following her high school education, she is currently pursuing her education at TED University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Kumsal Atan, who has actively participated in many event organizations, gained her first experience in organizing events in the opening of the Ministry of Justice Düzce Courthouse. Later on, she worked in the organization of concerts and spring festivals. She took part in a variety of school and institutional organizations such as the first Yüce College spring festival. She is the coordinator of TED University Minifest. Her interests include entrepreneurship, taking part in social responsibility projects, trekking, and dancing - her greatest hobby since the age of 4.

D. Can Aslan

Social Events Commission Member

D.Can Aslan was born in Ankara in 1993 and graduated from Yahya Kemal Beyatlı High School. He organized many events during his education. Aslan is a student at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Aslan, who won first place in the Make Money to Survive Contest organized by the Entrepreneurship and Management Society, has an enterprising character. Can Aslan believes in the importance of gaining work experience in different sectors. In his time apart from school, he has worked at several establishments to gain experience. His hobbies include fencing and music.



Student Societies Commission

Kemal Tolga Kurul

Student Societies Commission Member

Kemal Tolga Kurul was born in Istanbul in 1995. Due to his father’s occupation, prior to his university education, he attended a number of schools in different cities. He was the class representative in middle and high school. He was also a presenter at various ceremonies and organizations. Kurul, who is strongly dedicated to sports, played in the basketball team in middle school, and was a licensed skier for two years. He is also interested in Aikido martial arts. Besides his interest in sports, Kemal Tolga Kurul also represented his high school in the “Hürriyet Genç Nota” music contest and gave a number of concerts during the Ankara Shopping Fest. In 2013, he graduated from Sokullu Mehmet Paşa High School and was admitted into TED University Economics and Administrative Sciences Program. He founded TEDU Outdoor Sports Club and acted as its president. Kurul, also continues to take lessons in Archery, diction and radio broadcasting.

Emre Olanca

Student Societies Council Member

Emre Olanca was born in Ankara in 1994. Throughout his twelve year education he attended six different schools and graduated from Alparslan Anatolian High School. Since 2012, he has been a student at TED University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. Olanca, who founded TEDU Theater Society, has organized pantomime and drama courses, in addition to interviews and workshops with many artists. He has also participated in the first play by TED University Theater Society titled “Illustrated Osmanlı History”. Olanca’s greatest hobby is theater.



Student Affairs Commission

Cansu Aksu

Student Affairs Commission Member

Cansu Aksu, born in Adana in 1994, graduated from TED Mersin College. Aksu, a student at TED University Faculty of Education, serves as a commission officer at TED University Student Affairs Commission. At TED Mersin College she participated in theater projects and in a music band. She also worked with administrators on designing uniforms for TED Mersin high school. Her hobbies include design, music, and theater.

Onur Kızılkaya

Student Affairs Commission Member

Onur Kızılkaya was born in Berlin in 1995. Kızılkaya, a graduate of Isparta Anatolian High School, served in the Honor Council of his school. In 2011, he took first place in the Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project and together with his team members represented his school at the American Embassy. From 2010 to 2011 he represented his city in swimming competitions and won one gold and one silver medal. At the moment he is a student at the Faculty of Education and serves on the Student Council as a Student Affairs Commission member.