President's Message

Dear Friends,

With a team energized by you, we came into office on May, 21, 2014 at TED University – which, in 2012, joined the Turkish Education Association family founded in 1928 in response to a call from our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to advance Turkish education. Our mission as TEDU Student Council is to best represent you in academic, administrative and social environments by prioritizing TEDU students’ interests, while following Atatürk’s principles and reforms in a manner worthy of TEDU community.

We came into office to represent all TEDU students. To have a more active council and to create better solutions for your problems, in addition to the Executive Board and Faculty Representatives, we formed the Student Affairs Commission, Social Events Commission, Media Commission and Student Societies Commission.

Reflecting its student centered education, one of the most important issues TEDU has valued since its foundation is consulting its students on decisions made. For this reason, in each University Executive Board and Senate meeting a representative from the Student Council is invited. These meetings allow us to inform administrators about students’ wishes and complaints. Our door is always open to you so that you can communicate your complaints, wishes and suggestions to us. Our most important mission is to share your wishes with the administration and to formulate solutions.

Besides the TEDU Shopping Card which we put into practice, with projects we plan to do in the spring, such as the rearrangement of the garden area, we prioritize your convenience and interests inside and outside the campus. Through the satisfaction surveys we conduct at various dates, we get the opportunity to determine issues of precedence. We value your participation in these surveys, and hold meetings to share the findings with you. We are expecting your contributions to help us better serve you by sending an email to

In the short term by organizing festivals, Minifests, social responsibility projects that are a part of TEDU’s culture, and other events that will create synergy, we aim to traditionalize these events. By doing this, in the long run TEDU Student Council will contribute to the strengthening of the TEDU sense of belonging and show that being part of TEDU is not just for a 4 – 5 year period but rather for a life time.

We express our gratitude to TEDU students and personnel who gave us the opportunity to realize our aims and to the Turkish Education Association family who provided us with full support on this journey we embarked on.

M.Batuhan Demir
Student Council President